Tactical Exercises Question


Hi, when I solve a problem and take a little longer than usual, instead of gaining some points in my rating, I lose points!

I just lost 24 points even though I solved the problem. I wonder if anyone has complained about this before.

It is my opinion that every solved problem should get us points no matter how long we take. Maybe zero points if we take too long, but to lose 24 points?

I say this because one has to look at the board, analyze the situation and then think of a good move.

Some of the problems are not that easy to solve...



TT doesn't stand for "Tactics Trainer"; it stands for "Tactics Troller".


Hope you can make our next club meeting for TT haters.  Last year we held it in Yankee Stadium; this year's site is still undecided, but apparently we need a bigger space.


I think it's timed to see if you recognize the pattern and execute it or not. It's not there for you to learn new patterns but to train yourself to see the patterns you know in game and execute it. There are other ways to learn new patterns, but I like that this program uses this method to show you how well you can see the patterns in different situations.


I heard that if you play chess a lot, it can help you with the tactics trainer.


Thank you thoughtson64.


Covenant-Son, I believe that the rating calculation takes into account two factors, i.e. the correct or incorrect move choose BUT also the amount of time taken as well. So if the amount of time is deemed too long that may then have more weight on the rating change than the correct answer does. 


Thank you Kodiam... It makes sense.


The Chesstempo site has a tactics trainer that doesn't take away points for time, unless you select blitz mode.


To AdorableMogwai:

Yes, I have Chesstempo and its tactics seem better than chess.com.