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Tactics: annihilating the castled king's defences

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    Hi all, I'm looking for some software or an app that has plenty of tactics practice in checkmating or at least denuding the castled king. This can be 2-4 move shots. I can find plenty of checkmate tactics in an app when the king is in or near the centre of the board or when you are doing back-rank mates, but nothing when you are attacking a castled king from the front when it is behind a wall of pawns.

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    Also: Can someone recommend an app or software for 2-3 move tactics, e.g setting up forks and skewers? I have Elementary Tactics 1 by ChessKing but the tactics tend to be one-move deals and are too simple. I'm looking for something slighly more complex. Is CT-ART what Im looking for or will it be too hard for me and a waste of money? Thanks for your thoughts. Im looking more for an app than a website, but the latter could be interesting too.

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    Sorry, this should have been posted in the Chess Books and Equipment forum but I accidentally posted it here.

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    Giving this a bump.


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