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Tal Speaks

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    Milunka Lazarević was an 11 time Yugoslav Women's Champion as well as a chess journalist. Mikhail Tal needs no introduction. This short interview took place sometime in late 1960-early 1961




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    It has been some time since I've read one of your articles/posts. Still intriguing.

    "Glamour girl of European chess", right.

    What exactly did Tal mean by saying chess martyrdom?

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    I interpret Tal as meaning he didn't suffer anxiety during these most important contests, but instead just enjoyed the ride.


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    Did Tal ever manage to beat Korchnoi?  My google-fu isnt up to par.


    Very interesting Batgirl thanks.

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    "He had a large lifetime plus score against Tal (+13−4=27)"


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    Batgirl rules!  

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    Sadly, he only held the title until the revenge match. For the chess world, he was such a breath of fresh air.
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    Too bad a sense of humor like his doesn't seem to be very common among the top players today
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    Last A was funny xD

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    chess turns tal on confirmed

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    fixing a hole says it well , this forum thread rules batgirl , thankyou for posting it , a great read to start the day

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    (2A) coffee, black? have to try that 

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    lofina_eidel_ismail schreef:

    (2A) coffee, black? have to try that 

    I can confirm!

    Normally I only drink a strong cup of coffee in the morning, but since last months I drink one before every chess match. Haven't lost any of my 12 last games. You have to make it really strong though, I use an Italian bialetti filled to the top.

    I do have to compensate the coffee-kick with a lot of smoking during the game to cool my nerves though. I think Tal would concur :D

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    why did bobby fischer always sit in the park with his travel chess set.

    is there where the term "weird old man sitting in the park" came from ?

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    greenibex wrote:

    why did bobby fischer always sit in the park with his travel chess set.

    is there where the term "weird old man sitting in the park" came from ?


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    Nice thread.

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    I guess it is an attempt and a success to interest people on a large scale to the chess story across ages,  OP is THE expert. ty very much.

    last A is interesting too, how finished the game and who won ?

    concerning korchnoï I'm a fan, the score he realized is really fantastic 5 wins . We'd like to see such spreads nowadays, with certain amount of VICTORIES, even if battle for draws are technically fascinating, they are not good in a marketing point of view to promote chess, attract sponsors, etc ... and we think like carlsen chess has to move to 960, sooner better. For newcomers , "Drawjakin" will never fascinate as Petrossian-python, Fischer, Kasparov, etc ...in a good ole'  TAL time you needed 6 victories to get the title !

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    "in a good ole' TAL time you needed 6 victories to get the title !"


    One win and 23 draws would have been quite enough :-)

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    How many newcomers chess game lose at each draw ? 

    How many people Fisher name , Carlsen name, Tal nam attract vs "Drawjakin" ?

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    tryhardvegetable wrote:

    Why don't you continue your blog? These high quality posts don't belong here.

    That's an interesting observation.   It's my personal feeling that the Forums should be a mixed bag of things.... serious chess with experts commenting, more casual chess with the rest of us partaking, silly stuff, random topics ... and a smattering of history.   Unfortunately perhaps, silly things tend to dominate the Forum and history isn't valued very highly, but whatever the reality, there still needs to be an infusion of all these different things to make the Forums a truly all-encompassing and worthwhile area.


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