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Team Anand - who is Nielsen's replacement?

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    With Peter Heine Nielsen now coaching Carlsen, any news on who Anand has hired as his replacement? Nielsen has been Anand's long-time confidant, so replacing him will be quite a task, as also the concern of Nielsen taking over Anand's opening prep work to the Carlsen camp. I'm assuming they're all professionals at the high level, but with high stakes, one never knows....

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    Firstly, the official news is only of Carlsen using Nielsen's services for the Candidates.

    If Carlsen, does win, then apparently Team Carlsen will NOT continue with Nielsen.

    As such, Nielsen has coached Carlsen in the past too.

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    Sports teams keep their star players by giving them substantial salaries and long term contracts.  They understand they run the risk of losing the best to another franchise if they do not.

    To the best of my recollection, every accusation of stolen preparation in World Championship cycles has been made by Russians or Soviets before them.  I don't think Anand is worried about his preparation for the match, which he won't even begin until he knows the challenger.  At the most Nielsen can show Carlsen the lines which weren't used against Gelfand or Topalov.


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