That awkward moment...

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    When autoqueen costs you the game.

    I hate my life.

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    Don't hate your life. That's happened to me too :)

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    Yea, almost anything wins for Black.


    Even 34... f5 or 34... Rxc4 or 34... h5 all preserve the win.


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    I guess next time I'll just have to go for the simplest win (probably Rxd1) instead of the coolest looking one...

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    Or turn auto-queen off. It saves a tiny bit of time in bullet, other than that it's useless.

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    Yes, it was 10 min blitz...

    I play the opening and middlegame rather slowly, and I've actually scored quite a few basic checkmate wins with less than 10 seconds on the clock, so autoqueen does help. But watching myself lose so horribly because of autoqueen after a clearly won endgame just makes me want to turn it off. Oh the dilemma. What should I do?

    When I played the Caro, the number of times I saw Bc4 d5 ed cd Bb5+ Bd7 Bxd7 Nxd7 (Qxd7 is also fine I think, since the lsb are off the board) is just revolting...

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    Interesting game. Just change the settings of promotion: autoqueen to prevent that what happened.

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    I feel differently.  I always have autoqueen turned on.

    The number of games you will benefit under promoting to a knight (or anything else) is roughly 1 in 500 games or so.  Or more.  Maybe much more. It's WAY out there, whatever the actual odds.

    And yet, the number of games where you will benefit from that precious second or two you saved, by having autoqueen on, is much, MUCH greater than that.

    At least with me.  In many, MANY online blitz games I've played over the past 15 years, autoqueening has been a godsend.  That's why that option is available with so many online interfaces.

    So it's all a numbers game.  You will benefit having it on much more often than that one time it might cost you to have it on.

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    Well, I guess it depends on what speed you play. You probably are going to need/want autoqueen much more in 1 min bullet than say, 30 min standard.

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    Well, whatever the odds were, it sure screwed me over this time. I highly doubt something similar is ever going to happen again, but at the same time I play 10 min blitz, not 1 min bullet. In terms of time proportion, the extra 0.5 seconds I save by having autoqueen enabled only accounts for 1/1200th of the total time for the game. Ugh I can't make a decision...

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    kenpo, what does an egtb have to do with this topic? How is it relevent in any way?

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    Rd1. its solved.

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    If you read comment #4, I already mentioned how Rd1 was the easiest, cleanest win.

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    you're better off turning it off....not only u can lose in this manner....there are sometimes stalemate issues u have to worry about....and sometimes u might want to just torture ur opponent by underpromoting for when he doesn't know when to resign lol.unless ur playing bullet or something autoqueening is pretty useless....

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