The dirty little secret!

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    This week I've witnessed, and read, tons of messages pro and against Ivanov. A player who allegedly cheated in a tournament in Croatia. I'm lazy, but since like every chess player, I believe the truth can be found over the chessboard, I began, unwillingly, to analyze the first game. I used Houdini 2.0, a very good database, and a quad core processor. What I discovered was bewildering! Not only Ivanov was playing like Houdini, but also his opponent did the same moves Houdini would play! Ivanov, 2200, and his opponent 2400, were playing like a 3200 rated program! The only explanation I could give, and this is the dirty little secret nobody will tell you, is that above a certain level, they are all cheating and using computers while playing!

    I will add the game, and the analysis, for those who want to double check, but here is the list of the moves, with X if they played like Houdini and 0 if they didn't. The number of the move begins after the database opening theory.

    16.       x          x

    17.       x          0

    18        x          x

    19        x          x

    20        x          x

    21        x          0

    22        0          0

    23        x          0

    24        0          0

    25        x          x

    26        x          0

    27        x          0

    28        x          x

    29        x          0

    30        x          0

    31        x          0

    32        x          0

    33        x          0

    34        x          x

    35        x


    Total:   White followed Houdini's moves 18 times out of 20 moves

    Black followed Houdini's moves  7 times out of 20 moves (my advice for black: change engine re-tard!)

    Now you will ask: "wait a minute: why black didn't follow all Houdini's move, as White did. After all black is 200 points higher, he should be able to copy Houdini's moves too."

    This is easily explained, notice that I wrote everyone is using the computer, not that their computers, or programs, are the same. So Black used a previous version of Houdini, or another program, which is not so strong, or black had an older hardware. This is the only possible explanation, because in I have read many comments of 1800 or less rated players, who are able to play like Houdini, then it is clear this 2400 player couldn't. And he couldn't because his engine or hardware were not good enough, otherwise how to explain those 1800 players who can?

    In the end Black abandoned, because at move 35 his engine told him he would get checkmated in 21 moves, and this is another proof that also black was using an engine, otherwise why did he abandoned??

    The moral of the story is easy to understand, if you want to win your games, don't be stingy like Black who used a freeware, instead of the latest commercial engine, and buy some new hardware!

    Here is the game:

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    pfren wrote:

    I guess that you were really high on something when "analysing".

    They sometimes clip his fingernails and smoke them. Wink

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    you can do that?

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    good to know

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    And so. . .what are we, "less than 1600", non cheating, honest players doing in the Chess Environtment?

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    Unavailable for comment.
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    maxpete wrote:

     The only explanation I could give, and this is the dirty little secret nobody will tell you, is that above a certain level, they are all cheating and using computers while playing!

    The question is how can they do this? Is this all a big conspiracy? How about authorities?

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    This guy definitely cheated in this game.

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