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the life and chess career of Tigran Petrosian !

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    I've just found this video of The show " Mastermind" of which  the third contestant's specialist subject is "the life and chess career of Tigran Petrosian World chess champion 1963-1969",

    Here is the link for any petrosian fans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGYZOWwVKqc

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    m8, thanks a ton for dis. good find. 


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    I got 5 points, including the Tarrasch (not the contestant's Tartakover).

    Lots of minutae in there. Very tough.

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    Sitting comfortably at home got more right than contestant but having them fired at me probably would have turned to mush.

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    How did they know so much stuff???

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    The only one i knew was the korchnoi accusing petrosian of wobbling the table question, Other than that i didnt have a clueUndecided


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