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This site is infected

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    its adware, you do need to thoroughly scan your system. Or better yet, do back up of data only and nuke the rest. 

    It might be newer version of stuff described in this link https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-survey-2015-virus/

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    Oh, I am using chess.com on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS using Chromium version 53.0.2785.143 and never had any pop up from chess.com, from time to time some cpu heavy flash banners, but removing flash solved that on. Strangely, occasional use of chess.com on machine with Windows 10 also lacks any dramatic episodes. I am not completely convinced that suborn pointing finger is very fair of you.  

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    Gedgey wrote:

    Sorry it is the site - I have Malware Bytes - Adcleaner Trend Antivirus nothing shows up in any scans and its totally up to date.  Im using Google Chrome - I have an email from Chess . com  telling me the developers are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it.   The problem only exists on Chess.com and nowhere else.    Thanks for your help but i know what to do about it and im not going to get scammed - I Posted the message to stop anyone else from being so.

    It may have come from chess.com ads, but I'm pretty sure it's on your computer at this point.

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    MacOS and Safari rule, Windows and Chrome drool.

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    I'm having a similar problem, but not with this site. I used to frequently visit a particular site in the past without any problems whatsoever, but only recently I noticed that when (and only when) I go to this website that I am getting popups and obviously fake messages telling me to scan my system...malware type things. But I only see them when I visit this one website, nowhere else. It's not a problem that the site is having because plenty of users visit there everyday and they don't have any issues. So I am probably experiencing something like the OP, where I may or may not have a virus inside my computer but that is hiding itself?

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    What a coincidence. Any other sites you've been visiting got a virus?

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