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This site is infected

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    1400136896 wrote:

    I hope Chess.com fixes it.

    Hope springs eternal in the human breast...

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    EscherehcsE wrote:
    human-in-training wrote:

    ...and 44.

    Duly noted...


    Thanks.  It was a very serious, constructive, intelligent comment -- i don't want anyone to be deprived of it.

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    I didn't know that there are ads here in chess.com. Then again I have ad blocker for the longest time now. I'm surprised to learn that there are still people who do not use ad blocker.

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    Its quite funny i now get this message appearing at the foot of the screen when i log in "We notice you are using an ad blocker. Please consider supporting Chess.com by upgrading your account. Thanks!" 

    Now I sent a number of emails to the support team to explain the issues and they basically told me to explain better or get lost.    I sent lots of screen shots - lots of links I even filled out an online form and joined another site in order to post the images and explain the issue more.  I received a number of canned responses that weren't even relevant to the problems I posted and finally an email from support that told me my verbiage was a load of old twaddle.  Well I guess I can run on, however after posting - emailing and submitting the details I certainly dont deny i became frustrated.  Regardless after taking advice from the friendlies on here a combination of add blocker - anti malware - upgrades in anti virus systems - and the installation of Microsoft malicious software installed I am now free of adds and pops up.  So thanks to those that informed me of those (ive never had to go to such lengths before) Im totally worm free.  And to all those that tried to tell me my machine was infected im pleased to say you were wrong.  But by god pay to use the site I did once and could easily do again - but after such experience from this sites's support ill be moving to another chess site once my rounds of competitions are complete.  And yes ill take the malware defences with me.  happy.png Happy Days.

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    Please hurry along and God's speed. If you can't support where you play it's best not to muddy the experience for those who do.

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    @ Gedgey:

    So, your computer was experiencing all sorts of symptoms of being infected with viruses and malware, right?  

    And then you installed/uprgraded ad-blocker, anti-malware, and anti-virus software, which fixed your problem, right?  

    And now you're stating "and to all those that tried to tell me my machine was infected I'm pleased to say you were wrong," right? 

    How does that make sense?  If your machine wasn't infected, how would installing all of that software fix the problem?


    I once had an infected wound.  Then i treated it with antibiotics and it got better.  So, to all of you who think that i ever had an infected wound, you're wrong -- i never even had a wound.

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    bettcherbill wrote:

    Please hurry along and God's speed. If you can't support where you play it's best not to muddy the experience for those who do.

    You are right, especially wth your last post. There is always something wrong with a site but in the end the good parts outweigh by far.

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    Dude, if you don't like the website, simply don't be on it. Or I know, do you have the brain span to create your own for thousands of users to enjoy? I don't think so.

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    Yeah this happens to me all the time and it only happens when I am on this site.  My computer is malware free.  It is pretty pathetic how this website can't control what happens on it.  You would think that they'd have someone with half a brain working there to manage their content better.  Oh well, I guess they still get their ad revenue.  There is definitely a market for a new, functioning browser-based chess site.  Someone should make one and offer a free year membership to anyone who leaves chess.com.

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    It is hacking  by a certain troll 

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