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Threads Are Like Flypaper: They Want You To Stick Around

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    Uncle Seymour also controls the Federal Reserve who controls the money policy of the United States, the fellows who can create money out of nothing charge us interest for our own money and laugh all the way to the bank. the same fellows who own our 17.5 Trillion dollar debt and are continuosly being enriched by the enormous interest payments Uncle Sam by law must pay Uncle Seymour.

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    in the financial world and as a testament to their power one of Uncle Seymour's boys sets the price of gold each day, another one rings the opening bell at the NYC stock market.  Ben Bernanke is the latest Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  During Bush papa 1's administration George Bush continuously charged the Federal reserve with an unreasonable policy.The feds refused to lower interest rates during his 4 year term.  The economy was in a steep downturn and the executive office appealed to Alan Greenspan time and time again to lower the interest rates.  Uncle Seymour simply said "No."  And the interest rates stayed as they were.  After his tenure Bush is quoted by Greenspan as complainig that the Feds refusal to lower the interest rates cost him the election.  In his book An Age of Turbulence by Alan Greenspan Greenspan criticizes Bush for trying to undermine the "independence of the Fed".  Meaning the Fed and only the Fed has the right to control US monetary policy in the nuts and bolts affairs, setting interest rates and so forth.  And who are the Feds?  By law they must remain anonymous.  Do you at all get the implications of all this?  Greenspan and Bernake types are just payed mouthpieces.  That means the real decisions of US monetary policy is set by anonymous owners whose anonymity will be protected by law and who can tell a guy like Bush "No." and he will gladly sit on his hands.

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    But to understand some of this one has to know something about "Central" Banking. That is why most people dont have a clue.

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    Your great grandfather sounds like an interesting guy.  one of his brothers a New York State Senator? Maybe you re onto something here old boy .

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    Who is the new Aunt Seymoura gg? what's the scoop on her?

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    gg im not talking about the Federal Reserve Board members. They are just paid mouthpieces for each separate Federal Reserve District of which the USA is carved up into(12)  Im talking about the OWNERS of the Federal Reserve, or the majority shareholders if you will.  They are completely immune to any real Federal oversight. Their books cannot by law be examined.  Their stock cannot and will not be publicly traded.  They are mysterious by design.  What do you make of that gg?  If that isnt slick, what is?   These are the people we owe the 17.5 trillion to!  They run Uncla sam, Mossad and CIA as their personal bee atches.

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    Please look up the Congressional record of Senator  Louis MacFadden an outspoken critic of the Fed.  He was poisoned once but survived and Uncle Seymour got his man with the second poisoning and killed MacFadden.  Also look up the history of Father Coughlin, one of the great american priest Patriots who made criticizing the Federal Reserve the main subject of his platform.  He had an independently financed weekly radio talk show where he reached millions of Americans.  Uncle Seymour completely and utterly shut him down, with help from the Vatican sell outs.  Later when they took away his show Father Coughlin started a newsletter exposing the Fed and Uncle Seymour got his bee atch Uncle sam to take away his right to use the mail service because he was mailing "anti-american" propaganda.  In rea

    lity the Feds are as American as a congo cannibal.

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    so waddaya say to all that gg?

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    "The only thing new is the history you dont know."  Harry Truman

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    Observe master of deception, how they hear and yet remain as if deaf.  im outta here.

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    wow i am impressesd but not surprised, things like this happen when you work directly for Uncle Seymour

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    yup yup yup yup

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    yup yup yup yup yup stein's folk have us in iraq, afghanistan, want a new war with Iran and Russia and Assad in Syria, they are looking to take the country down and have their cronies scoop up whats left behind on pennies on the dollar, they do this every where they are made welcome, undermining existing institutions for their own aggregate benefit, it's the neverending story. like deja vu all over again

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    wars for their benefit are fought by whatever population of the country they are living in, they have learned the art of making the war seem like for the benefit of the population, they use false flag events to whip the docile populace into a war frenzy, then the population is ready to march to wherever the hell Stein and his cohorts desire, thinking they are being patriotic when in reality they are being pendejos, thats why i demanded that my son stay away from the military, he wanted to join R.O.T.C. but i intervened, i wil have not have my flesh and blood sacrificed for Uncle Seymour's wars, or for Mr. Stein's wars, Usa government is Uncle Seymour's beee atch

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    and wadday wadday you think they dont have a government gulag already prepared for people like us?  Yaaaaaa! They do!  Look up secret government Homeland Security prisons all over the country fully operational and fully empty for now.  Google the DHS buys billions of hollow point bullet.  Google DHS buys millions of caskets, yes plastic coffins big enough to fit two bodies each.  Look at what Uncle Seymours people did during the 1913 Russian Revolution.  Its like Deja Vu all over again!

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    You see Uncle Seymour who truly owns this country in the strictest sense is not an American.  As holder of our National Debt Uncle Seymour owns this country in the legal sense.  An entire Country can go into forfeiture over a debt the size of ours.That is Uncle Seymours greatest strength.  it's called international usury my boy gg.  Read between the lines for the rest. Im not in a rush to get to the gulag.  who are the majority owners of the Federal Reserve? (not the paid mouthpiece board members nor the paid Mouth du jour Chairwoman Yellen!)  They will always remain ANONYMOUS!

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    they got us by the short hairs yo!

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    ok ok ok give me some time to digest


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