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timeout ratio

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    hey,gys just wondering how does the computer calculate your timeout ratio and how do you decrease it?

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    You decrease it by not timing out!

    It's just a straight calculation of games played versus timeouts.

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    I also believe that it is only for a certian time period, something like the last 90 days. (So if you don't play a game for 91 days you will have a timeout of 0%, even if you had timed out before that 90 period)

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     I dont think that you will have a timeout issue with that diamond sam..

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    unfortunately i do

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    Soccer Sam, if you have premium membership,as soon as one of your games goes down to one hour or less, it automatically puts you on vacation.

    and if you run out of regular vacation time, you get free Premium Vacation Time.

    you can leave this site whenever you want for a couple weeks at a time and not play and you will be fine.....

    actually you can take a break and not play but come and shoot the shit and still be fine....

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    NO VACATION Tournaments can still play havoc with your Timeout ratio - even for premium members.

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    echecs06 wrote:

    Sam, If you worry about your t-ratio, it will reset after 90 days.

    ... provided you do not timeout any more games.

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    thx gys i now fully understand timeout ratio

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    good deal bud!

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    ok lol


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