Timer and voice reminders for distracted



i'm a easily distracted person. also i play chess while waiting for somone to reply to me for work or when waiting for a software build / automated tests to complete.

So many times like at i changed tabs, forgot about the game, till that ugly sound at the end when it notified me that i had lost due to abandonment. please recogize difference between abandonment to focus lost/ distractions and help us -> actually help the other player who am sure is frustrated waiting ... it has happened to me too when i wait for the other person to make a move for 3+ minutes


anyway - all am asking for is a setting to play a sound every 20 seconds, after the other person has played, if current tab (ie game tab) does not have focus.


Can be a sound or even better a wav file that says "Its your turn in chess".


Thank you kindly.


just wait... or dont play

This definitely sounds like me and doing homework. Anyways I believe there’s an extension you can add that has Hikaru and Levy screaming at you to move after a certain period of time, try that out

Well i hesitate to put any extns without knowing all that they do. i do hope the chess dot com guys take this as a feature request. i dont want gold, but would be willing to pay USD $10 a year for this (and to show my apreciation of chess dot com, maybe a new bronze membership for just better in game feature but without any etc learning or other goodies). Don't want the training etc, but do go gold for a month or so every year to show my appreciation. thanks for the site, its mostly very nice