Tips to get from 1800 to 2000


I started playing chess seriously a year ago, and now my rapid rating is 1800. I feel I am still weak at chess and want to improve further. Any tips on how to achieve this would be helpful. I am in the process of creating my opening repertoire and am reading some middle game books and endgames. What else should I do to reach that 2000+ rating?


1. Win

2. Don't lose


Analyse your lost games.

tygxc wrote:

Analyse your lost games.

I do analyze my lost games but only for like 2mins // should I do it longer? If so, how long?

PogosBest wrote:

Forget it. You cannot progress on this site. Play OTB chess only if your serious about getting better.

I am also playing OTB tournaments// my otb rating in rapid is 1627 (which now became 1776)



"I do analyze my lost games but only for like 2mins // should I do it longer?" ++ Yes.

"If so, how long?" ++ You should analyse about as long as the game itself.

What were your mistakes?
What was the decisive mistake?
What was the right move?
What candidate moves did you consider?
Did you consider the right move?
If no, why not?
If yes, why did you play the mistake instead?
How much time did you think on your mistake?
How much time did you have available on your clock?