Too old to improve?

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    Comparing performance capabilities between someone who did something seriously their whole life and was very, very good at it with someone who at most dabbled in the same area as they age is sophistry and fully misses the point. 

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    So what's the deal?  You have something against sophistry?

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    An interesting book I once read: Chess Master ... at Any Age. The hill is much tougher to climb at an advanced age, but not insurmountable, it would seem. However, I have pretty much given up and resigned myself to living in the valley as the sun sets in the west. Smile

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    I find myself sliding down off the hill more and more of late...

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    MonteChristosPawn wrote:
    AndyClifton wrote:


    But we got expierence ;-)

    Well, I, for one, certainly know how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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