Top 10 Best Tactical Players of All Time

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    My List:

    1. Kasparov

    2. Tal

    3. Alekhine

    4. Radjabov

    5. Topalov

    6. Spasskey

    7. Geller


    9. Anand

    10. Capablanca

    Special Consideration:

    Morphy, Anderson, Stenitz, Blackburne, Marshall (who didn't make my top ten but have a special place in my heart)

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    Really, Fischer didn't make your top 10 Tatical list? Or at least didn't even get some acknowledgement> WOW.

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    Not for a tactition...not in my book.

    This guy is far beyond Fischer (tactically) and he is going on my list replacing Geller

    Vadim Zvjaginsev

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    I am curious,

    whom would you consider as your top ten most imaginative.

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    Check these two games out by Zvjaginsev.  I might have a new favorite contemporary player!!  Some of the most imaginative chess I've ever seen.

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    Zvjaginsev's second game holy cow that is awesome

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    That is against a Super GM!  Why did I just discover this kid today?  He is my new favorite player. 

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    1. Tal

    2. Kasparov

    3. Fischer


    ... I'd argue Tal to the death :P.

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    1. Alekhine

    2. Morphy

    3. Smyslov

    4  Bronstein

    5. Capablanca

    I think these 5 represent the greatest tacticians not because they played the most wrecklessly but because they were the opponents that would pick up on almost any tactical or positional mistakes.  (the old saying is that a superior position leads to superior tactics.)

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    ih8sens wrote:

    1. Tal

    2. Kasparov

    3. Fischer


    ... I'd argue Tal to the death :P.

    I agree with your top 3.

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    Yes I agree Smyslov was an amazing tactition

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    Wow, after seeing those two games, I want to see more of Vadim Zvjaginsev... that was beautiful! 

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    immortal =), you really need to check out some of Fischer's games:

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    Em. Lasker



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    Define tactician. Fischer wasn't a speculative player but could calculate the hell out of a position (the only thing Botvinnik allowed after Fischer won the title). Fischer just didn't play wildly (as a rule). People still wonder about game #1 of the Spassky match in 1972.

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    I think people are getting tactics and calculations mixed up now. Golden dog, you are correct, fischer could calculate, but he is best known for finding traps and small combinations out of a seemingly even position.  Thus, besides paul morphy, I would definitely rank fischer among the best TACTICALly.

    The best calculated, "correct" player would be Alekhine hands down, but Fischer is tactically teh chess player of our generation

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    yes anderssen  correct...sorry for the misspell.  Common he gave us the immortal game and the evergreen game!!

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    wow :O

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    My top is:





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    i believe what everybody classifies as tactician is the WILD & AGGRESSIVE  players who r ready to sacrifice their watches and clothes on the board to sweep the king, if we r defining those




    asside from those we actually can speak of a full spectrum up to the  deeply  positional players at the other end......all other players can fit in the spectrum between the 100% tacticians to the 100% positional

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