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Top Ten Greatest Chess Players of All Time

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    batgirl wrote:

    Is this a quote-within-quote contest?


    "ha ha where's nakamura"
    He said he'd be back in a moment.


    "who's there?"


    "Who's there?"


    "I'll naka your mura"

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    "Best by playing strength? Well, you can go to chessmetrics and see for yourself whose playing strength is the highest. It anyalisis the player's best game and compare it with a computer and see what their chessmetrics"

    No, Chessmetrics has nothing to do with that. It doesn't claim that Zukertort played better than Topalov, just that his performances against temporary players were better than Topalov's against his temporary players. Up until 2005, when the site stopped being updated, that is. If updated it would place Topalov much higher since his best results all came after that. 

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    The_Riga_Magican wrote:

    Tal has a 65.2%.

    That's a bit too low...

    Huh, it's almost like he had some kind of physical ailment which impaired his play! Give the guy a break, he only holds the TOP 2 world records for games without losses. And let's talk about dominance, can you name a better a player who is better at being a calculator, tactician, better at piece placement, timing, seizing the initiative or using fantasy? And don't say Garry Kasparov, Gary Kasparov is great at all those things, but he isn't psychic like Tal.

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    Of all time?

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    No one mentioned Tarrasch ?  Maybe he does not belong in a list of the 10 best players of all time. But for the chess theory  he surely was one of the greatest.

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    I regret very much the evolution of chess. Tarrasch once said "the beauty of chess lies not in its appereance, but in the thought behind it". This is completely lost these days. Most of the guys mentioned in the lists above have computer brains, fantastic memories and can analysis deeper than anyone else. But I feel nothing in playing back the games of Kasparov, Karpov, Kramnik ... as I feel by playing the games of guys as Morphy, Capablanca and some of Tal.

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    Jishnu_Chatterjee wrote:

    1. Carlsen

    2. Capablanca

    3. Anand

    4. Fischer

    5. Tal

    6. Alekhine

    7. Karpov

    8. Botvinnik

    9. Petrosian

    10. Spassky

    What about Kasparov and Lasker? :-)

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    PLz do not be rediculious, the greatest chess player EvER was undoubably Mikhail TAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TaL Lived on PLanet EARTH for ONLY five reasons, but let us STRETCH those REASons out to 9 or ten reasons . . .


    do your own " due - diligence " and you will CONFiRM the following ...


    reason one, CHESS ! ! ! ! !

    reason 2 , chasing women who were NoT his WiFe ( allegedLy )

    reason 3, CHESS !!!!

    reason 4, BOOZE,

    reason 5, Chess ! ! !

    reason 6, ciggy's = cigars or cigarettes ,

    Reason SEVEN = CheSS ! !

    Reason 8, partying,

    Reason nine to ninety - NiNe = chess . . .


    there iS a famous story surrounding TAL , actually there are many famous stories about TaL . . .

    here are two documented stories ...

    two eastern european ( i think ) mega grand masters HATED each other and refused to ever speak to each other, NO MATTER WHAT...

    many CHeSS tournaments are held in cheap isolated locations decades ago and those locations had three primary functions ( Allegedly ) BEsides being CHEAP ...

    1) CheSS,

    2) BooZe, 

    3) FREE easy SEEX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    . . .

    anyways maybe allegedly you can see how a personality liKe TaL , " might " ' FiT ' " in " ; alledgedly . . . :)


    so TaL having demolished almost ALL chess opponents, proceeds to as was his ( allegedly REGULAR HaBiT ) to get blind rotten paraletic drunk and falls down and promptly passes out in front of these two mega grand masters who alledgedly HATED each others EGO's so much they NeVeR spoke a word to each other . . .


    Both RESPECTED TaL's passion and obsession and dedication to chess, when they found TaL " unconscious " finally after YEARS, one of these two said to the other ...

    alledgedly to the effect of " you grab his legs ", and they promptly picked up a former WorLd champion and careful deposited this priceless Chess " artifact " in his bed alledgely to ' hopefully ' sleep of his drunken state without choking on his own vomit ;) [ alledgely ] :)

    . . .

    TaL had ANOTHER second MaJoR issue, he LoVed CHESS :)

    his LEGENDARY escapes from hosptial beds where he was CONFINED due to advanced SEVERE kidney disease had a [ allegedly ] STRONG correlation to major internation LeVeL CHESS tournatments :) i beleive ..

    if there was ANY serious CHESS game going around TaL, he had NO time for mandatory life saving medical care :)

    . . .

    Yes there are strong contenders for the top ten spots of chess Players, BuT there was ONLY one TaL !!!


    so now that the chess world has lost TaL and anyone who truly loves chess is saddened by his passing decades ago, like i am . . .

     . . .

    whom is the GREATEST LiVing Chess Player of ALL time ???

    ThaT is EASY ...

    ( drug roll PLz )


    Judit PolgaR , you do your research ; you will find the greatest LiVing chess player ever in recorded history is a LaDy who retired from professional chess ( i think ) [ allegedly ] at under the ripe YOUNG age of 35 years old...

    you check out judit polgar's bio and tRy and TeLL me i am WRoNG = no way and NeVeR gonna happen, i will make a friendly wager of ONE Bitcoin on it ! ! !

    Bill Gates on youtube will tell you bitcoin is unstoppable, bitcoi is LeGaL internet cash money, i bought december 2016 @ US$ 750 about September 2017 ( nine months OVER FIVE THOUSaND US$ = USD ) . . .

    buy ten dollars worth on coinbase.com once you check out google and youtube and then i WiLL Happily take your valuable cash money BTC ...

    AWAY & OFF YoU !!!

    today i am my own bank, in fct i have even started legal proceedings against this individual ! ! !

    this is alledgely an article or series of statements by this individual . . .


    we WiLL see what some independent people think of such alledged statements ...

     . . .

    meanwhile TaL and Judit PolGaR ...

    i am saddened by the LoSS of TaL to the Chess WoRLd and also saddened by Lady PoLgaR's ' retirement ', if indeed she is still officially " retired ",


    i LiVe in HoPe that JuDiT will be forced out of retirement by sme personal circumstance like the actor nicholas cage and FoRceD back into " working " . . .

    sadly i truly believe that JudiT PoLgar is NoT going to make to many money mistakes :(

    i bear judit polgar no animosity and deeply respect her, but i DO WANT her back dazzling the public chess world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    / Hugz ;)

     . . . [ message ends ].


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