Tournament after 6 hours..!


I am almost prepared for the tournament which i am about to participate after 6 hours from now (i.e. GMT: 20:00)
So any last peice of guidance my dear friends. I will be really helpful by this. Please Add any tips that can make me feel better and play well.
Thank you. 


Hope i can get fast comments within remaining few hours!.. 


You don't need chess advice this close - it will only confuse you trying to cram it in.

RELAX, take slow, deep breaths and try to clear your mind.  Remember to breathe deeply during the games, too, take your time.

And don't forget it is first of all a game, and you are supposed to have fun!  So do, and let us know how you did.  Good luck!



I really did well!! I did win and got selected for state level Tournaments!! ;-))) Thanks for all your support dear friends :-)