Tracking moves on paper while playing...

PrawnEatsPrawn wrote:

If you are talking about over-the-board play, then note-taking is expressly forbidden, to the extent that one may not even write down one's intended next move, before-hand. The score-sheet records the moves that have been played, not thoughts, analysis and intentions.

Note-taking in correspondence chess is, of course, fine and usual. On this site pencil and paper are unnecessary... there's a place to type notes on the game page.

Heh, I saw this happen at a tourney.  An adult player had a note pad under the table and would scribble away between moves (taking notes of variations and what he thought).

No one complained, the TD happened to see him and walked over and said "I hope you're writing a letter to your girlfriend" (lol).  The guy just got a warning because he was new and didn't realize this wasn't ok.


I don't know, but maybe take 4 coloured pens for:

  • Black pieces (for pieces, just use N, R, Q, K, P (pawn), B, just like in algebraic notation)
  • White pieces
  • Black moves (solid lines)/threats (dashed lines) [so you can distinguish]
  • White moves/threat

and just mark them down. If you can look at a board containing plans for two moves in advance, or 3, and you can remember the order of moves, then that might help.

I just thought of that, no experience, so it might not help; you might've already tried it. Good luck!