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My Two 2014 Chess Resolutions and Two Personal Goals

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    Thanks to this thread I avoided buying 4 or 5 books 2 weeks ago

    Thanks Denver! Tongue Out

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    I am now at 1582 and I am slowly rising if I play people at my rating and lower. If I play higher players I lose more often that win.

    Maybe my level is very close to 1600, I will try to learn a new opening and see if that helps.


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    Hmmmmm . . . .  Sad state of affairs in my chess rating. . . .

    I lost a game and drew another one to a lower players. So now I am going down some more.  Guess the 1650 by the end of the year is not feasable.

    In bowling my average is about 190 so that is acceptable. . . . .



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    Denver you are not playing any online game at this moment?

    How many games did you used to have at the same time?

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    I still don't hsave a computer, only a kindlefire.

    My chess goals are down the drain! ! ! I am at 1516 that alomst 100 ratings from January. I am so bad.

    I like dislike the middle game! I like the first 10 openning moves.

    BOWLING is going great , I'm at 196 Average! ! ! ! For a 76 year old guy that is great!


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    The chess goal doesn´t count now since you didn´t have a computer, so it was impossible to work in chess.com in a normal way.

    And you exceeded your 190 planned bowling average.

    So, congratulations, you did it! Cool

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    good job on the average...


    My bowling game is going good... back to about 150 average with not as much time invested do to Uni... new shoes aren't an issue... its actually my release and approach which no longer work as I can't exactly do the run i used to use.

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    DENVERHIGH wrote:

    You are right Socialista. I went down 15 rating points because I lost to a lower rated player several days ago. I went down to 1571. 

    Today I won a lower rated player and went up to 1580. I guess every thing eventually balances out.

    I should just play the best and hope for the best.


    I know this is slightly off topic... but, assuming that you've played enough games for your rating to stabilize, you shouldn't win 9 points for beating a lower rated player.

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    My goal on bowling is going great. I took a bowling lesson from a pro. and I change my appproach style, I also increased my speed just 2 mph. That cut down on my hook and I got a better entry angle into the pins and now i have had better success.

    The last 16 games were so much better. I SHOT .  212, 218, 201, 213  and that was consitant. i made some money. The series wise I shot a 632 then a 608 finally 632.

    So I am averaging over 200 and i tribute it that I only bowl three games every other day. I used to be tired when bowling in the evening. I just wanted to finish and go home. NOW I have more energy and I feel good about  myself.

    Now the vegetarian food. I have stopped that goal, It seems like i feel better about the way I eat. I eat a combination of begetables and 1/4 lb of some type of meat.

    So that goal I have cross out of my mind. I am making Chicken vegetable soup each week from scratch. I put a lot of veggies into it and I love it. I make about two gallons at a time. I learned how to package them and freeze so I can have it any day.

    Chess. This goal is too hard to attain for me. I am down to1524 that is on the way down. Not making any upward progress. I started reading and playing Larry Kaumans book hopefully that might turn the game for me.




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    I have a Fide rated Rapid tournament tomorrow, those are 9 games, I think that with that I complete the number of games that I wanted to play during 2014, I´ll check it later, but I think that it could be possible :)

    I have 3 resolutions:

    1) To play at least 20 fide rated games 


    2) To have at least one rating performance of at least 2050 (I have already made a 1900+ performance)

    I managed to beat a NM and an Expert during the year, but I didn´t manage a 2050 during the year.

    3) To study carefully the chess books that I already own (I usually just try to follow the lines in my head, instead of using a chess set).

    I studied my Reti´s books, a Tal´s book and some Scandinavian defense books.

    4) I won't buy any chess book during 2014.


    5) I won´t buy any chess magazine during 2014.


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    Congratulations on your bowling Mr. Denver! :)

    I have never played that Surprised

    About the food... eat what makes you happy (and still makes you feel healthy of course) Tongue Out

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    My Bowling goal is going great I have rolled 180's since getting new shoes and a new ball. 

    My chess goal. I am up to 1500 (well almost) Correspondence, 


    Congrats on your goal DENVER. 


    College has taken a lot out of the time needed for both goals, but on the other hand I know that I am doing well there.

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    Congratulations of your achivements of the goals. Hope you do well on those nine games.

    I think my main problem is that I never try to play positional, I keep looking to attack and when there isn't one then I don't know what to do.



    Hey 180 is good, the new ball and the shoes. But all in all it is you that has to roll the ball and not the shoes.

    I know that hitting the pocket is my goal. So I try not to ever cross over to the Brooklyn side. I cross over probably once in five games, I'd rather hit the three pin and go high on the head pin and get a split, that creates an open.


    Guys we are at the end of the year and new goal will have to be set. So get them ready and make them realistic. Bye for now.

    Have nice Holidays. I am cooking 15 crabs ( crab chiopino ) for my 20 guest.


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    Exactly I think my problem is I just needed to break in the shoes and now that they don't slide around as much I have worked up to my normal delivery, and as for hitting Brooklyns, that is my biggest problem Brooklyn Strikes are something I tend to get in spades which isn't a good thing.

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    Brooklyn side of the pins is an indication of two possibilities.

    One: you are rolling the ball too far near the middle of the lane. In every house they oil differently. By the way the pocket is the 17 board at the pins. 18 is also good. When you go to the lanes ask the desk if you can have lanes that might still have oil on them. I am assuming that you bowl right handed and slide with the left foot.

    Probaby the place for you is to roll the ball is on the 10 board or the second arrow.

    Two: Where you stand should be with the inside edge of the Slide foot on the middle large dot, the 20 board. Set your slide foot first.

    if it still goes brooklyn move left three boards. Make sure you are hitting the target.


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    Lots of info need to check that out, I tend to start as far to the left as possile and as far back as I can safely get away with. I then Cross over and release about the second dot to the right of the middle arrow.

    that is about as specific as I can get at the moment.

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    But that is bowling!

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    Here are the lanes and where strike lines are rolled.
    This is where I bowl and teach

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