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two knights vs. bishop and knight

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    Are there any stats/research of the Larry Kaufman-type on this? Is there any advantage to having one bishop plus knight vs two knights? Does it depend on other factors, e.g. closed center, etc.?

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    It depends on a lot of factors of the position. But, ensure that 2 knights plays better than a knight and a bishop in closed positions. But, if you could break this position and clean some board, the bishop could be more stronger than knight. So, dependes on the perspective of the position and if you and your opponent are be able to manage pieces to make them stronger or weak pieces.

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    thank you posimoh88.

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    You are welcome.

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    Kaufman's research indicated NO statistical difference at all.  The only detectable advantage was in two Bishops, and that was the same against B+N or two Knights, at roughly half a pawn.

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    ah, thank you Estragon. I didn't realize LK addressed this issue. Super! thanks for the info. 


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