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USCF comparison with chess.com ratings

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    my actual playing strength is 1750 as on chess.com of course on my uscf rating it wont show since i dont take it too seriously. but to b honest if i did they would match each other very closely. so i think chess.com rating n uscf rating r very close to each other

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    there is a big I do not care factor. I do better when the pressure is on so in USCF I play better

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    The best way to figure out what your USCF rating would be is to play some OTB tournaments :).  Find a club near you, its not that scary I promise.

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    SimonWebbsTiger wrote:

    apart from the differences noted above, I believe they use the glicko (spelling?) rating equation.

    Just a clarification here: USCF doesn't use Glicko. There is no time-dependency (RD factor) in the USCF rating system.

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    Yes, USCF does not use glicko. If they did, chess.com and USCF would be pretty close. USCF does have a feature for new players called provisional ratings though, where the rating does fluctuate a lot. 

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    It's true that your CC rating doesn't directly predict your USCF rating, or vice versa, but it's silly to say they aren't correlated. As discussed in other threads, CC turn-based ratings tend to run ~300 points higher than USCF, give or take. There are exceptions but that's the trend.

    (My USCF: 1531, CC: 1890)

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    How to have a USCF rating?

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    Are we assuming people are taking their time in correspondence though? Or just playing as fast as they would in bullet lol. 

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    nyLsel wrote:

    How to have a USCF rating?

    Easy.  Play in USCF tournaments.


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    My blitz rating is 1366 and my uscf rating is 1800Cool

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    Holy crap, Samsch, your bullet rating is awesome.


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