Using Fritz for Tactics Training


I have Fritz 11, and I want to use it to drill my tactics.

I have created a tactical database of problems, with the solutions given in the annotated move notes...  The problem is basically this:

1. If you use a standard layout, you can see the solution to the tactics problem.

2. If you use BOARD ONLY layout, then you cant see whose move it is, and if you try to move a piece, it shows you the solution by showing you the move you are replacing.  Plus its annoying to have to move the pieces just to see whose move it is.

3. The tactics database is in a certain order that I've memorized, so I would like to randomly shuffle the tactical diagrams, but there is no way to do this.

So you can see, Fritz 11 isnt exactly ideal for tactics training.  Any solution to these problems?



dont know


Use the tactics trainer instead?


Fritz 11 has a tactics trainer. WEll I guess I mean Playchess does. IF u just got it this year it has a free membership to playchess. Playchess has a great tactics trainer.

DonaldLL is one of the best I've seen but you have to pay to play.

otherwise, try


When I think of Fritz and of tactics, I think of "sparring mode."  God, how I used to kick myself when the move list would update with one of those "missed something!" annotations.  Great stuff.  That feature alone set Fritz apart from the pack for me (along with its classic analysis annotations).


use tactics trainer on! its my favourite tool here


Thanks, but perhaps you've missed the point!  I didn't explain myself clearly, but this database I've created is with positions that I need to specifically work on.  They are hand picked positions, designed to correct my weaknesses in certain areas..

So its important that I drill these specific diagrams, not a bunch of randomly chosen ones...


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