Video thread of NM aww-rats simultaneous play in Live Chess

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    I have started giving simultaneous exhibitions for my video lessons group to give members a chance to play me, and to make videos of my thought process while selecting moves. Working out all the bugs still. My first attempt resulted in too many games and I lost most on time. I play them rated, I don't care about points. Anyway, I'll post my videos in this thread for instructional value to all, especially those that played me. I plan to do them frequently and announce the times in my group. (There will be one on Saturday). Feel free to join up and I hope to play you soon!


    This was played on February 14:

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    I had another simultaneous today. This video will be helpful to those who did play, and of course everyone else who watches as you get to see how a chess master thinks. I made a few horrendus bkunders dropping an exchange in one game and a Queen for a Rook in another, but dug in and fought back. Everyone needs to learn how to win games you are up material. I used to lose them when I was a low class player. My explanations should help you all...


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    Here's the next one, played yesterday

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    Interesting vids, now tracking.

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