Vote Chess Elo Rankings


For anyone interested, I've posted my latest Vote Chess Elo Rankings in this group:




I guess I am the only one here who hasn`t got a clue what Vote Chess Elo Rankings are. Would you give me a hint please?


Many of the groups on play against each other in a type of chess called "vote chess" where people in the group vote on the next move.  This is a ratings list of the various groups that play vote chess to show their current ranking.  It's similar to your personal online rating, except calculated for each group based on the pool of vote chess game results.  You can read more about it in the Vote Chess Elo Rankings group forum.


How is it calculated/arrived at ?

I use a tool called bayeselo to do the elo calculations. You can read about the full process I use in the group.

So how does one view the rankings? I clicked on the link but only got to a group page. Does one have to join the group to see the rankings?


Yes, just join the group and you can see the rankings.  Anyone can join.