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Wanted- Old Crow Chess Set

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    Hi, I have just seen a wonderful old chess set for sale in a local antique and curiosity shop and wondered if anyone could help. They want $950, it is in perfect condition and is really well made. The owner told me that it was made in 1969 and was originally sold as a limited edition Old Crow Whiskey Decanter collector set. He said that they are rare and that full sets are hard to come by. The pieces are about 15 inches tall and really nicely glazed. It seems like a fair price but I think I might be able to get him down to about $750, would that be a fair price? Thanks for any help. It will be a Christmas present for my father, I know he will love it.

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    Doing a quick search online I found a set that is priced at $699. Didn't check on the shipping costs and the description says that some of the corks are broken.

    There are also some individual pieces that are running about $25 each. So, if the set really is in perfect condition, the asking price might be about right. If you can talk it down to $750 that would be a great deal (based on the minimal searching I performed anyway).

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    Thanks, if I can get it for $750 to $850 I think I will get it. It is such a great looking Chess set and with individual pieces selling for $25 each that would be $800 and it would take forever to buy them one at a time. I could only find one complete set online which is the same one you found I think and when I take into account shipping I think $750 to $850 is a fair price.

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    Post some pictures,

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    Start here first: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/old-crow-chess

    Might wind up with a set for cheaper than the price you mentioned.

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    Oh and by the way, what a cool idea: Not just for a set, but giving it as a gift!

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    Thanks for the replies, I bought the set for $750 and can't wait to give it to my father on Christmas day. The dealer said shipping costs would probably be in the region of $200 or more so online prices I saw of $699 plus shipping would have run to $900 to a $1000 delivered. I am very happy with my purchase and am looking forward to playing with it on Christmas Day!

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    How in the world can someone justify charging 200 for shipping?!?!?! That's outrageous!!! Surprised

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    I have an old crow complete chess set for sale, if you are still looking for one.

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    I have this set if you are still looking for it.....beautiful pieces with leather cases and rug and even 4 original shipping boxes from distillery

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    Do you guys still have the old crow chess sets?


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    bishod wrote:

     Pictures needed.



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    I haven't denigrated anyone; I've only replied to concerns others have.


    As to the link, that is the cleanest way to point you to a image results link without all the extraneous code that a normal Google images URL has that takes you directly to the results screen. Sorry if that wasn't a satisfactory method for you.


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