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What are the best books to improve from 1900 to 2200 in less than a year

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    1. are KIKVOR'S suggestion also for you very helpful ? Yes it is good suggestion. I have not read Yusupov books but going through it quickly, I see it is very good structured training manual. Follow Yusupov's recommendation on how to get the best from the books.

    2. im still confused about my question in #3 since i read that silman once recommend the said FINISH FIRST BEFORE STARTING ANOTHER and that JUMPING FROM ONE BOOK TO ANOTHER WONT GET YOU ANYWHERE. what can you say about his idea ? I do not know what is the context that you quoted Silman on. My recommendation is to go through books on different chess aspects at the same time in order to improve in those aspects simultaneously.

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    but is it advisable for me to start off already with the MASTERY parts which are the GREEN ONES and is his belief that these said books are for rated 2200-2300 ?


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    Yusupov books are structured from beginner up to 2100 (I think). As I do not know your real level I cannot tell you where you should start, only you yourself will know if the yellow books are too beginner for you.

    I would say start with the blue ones as this I think are aimed at 1800+ players, which I guess might be your true level.

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    but for Aagard recomending Yussopovs book i mean he is one of the owner of quality chess(if im correct) so it would be a bit crazy to not recommend them. Anyway i still find it Yussopovs books good and yes Aagard is still a success on his own, doing all the books and lectures and still becoming GM... i mean thats not as easy as it looks.

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    well if this helps, as stated i am currently 1905 rated and having some inconsistencies with my play: sometimes i would beat 2061 rated WFMs, win a piece against a 2011 rated u14 player but lose because of time pressure, draw against a 1940+ guy, but sometimes also i WOULD LOSE TO 1870-1890 rated players but beat some of the same level too.

    but my most recent losses are from one 1888, one 1885, and one 1969.


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    both 1885 and 1969 are winning in the openings but BLUNDERED horribly in the middlegames.

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    Blunders are unavoidable, some types of blunders are due to

    1. Time trouble

    2. Tactical weakness

    3. Overconfidence

    4. Fell into opponent's trap (similar to #2).

    #2 and #4 can be overcome by doing tactical exercises. You need to train your tactical eye until you do not miss anything and take advantage of your opponent's tactical mistakes as well.

    The other two you can overcome once you start improving in your chess (you will not fall behind in time as your opponent).

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    but does my last post help you in determining on which COLOR of book should i start of to read ?


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    FutureWCChampion9000 wrote:
    schlechter55 wrote:

    Carl Friedrich Gauss was once asked by his protegee, the King of Hannover to explain to him what Mathematics does, in one afternoon.

    He answered

    Sire, there is no Kings way to Mathematics.


    There is no book that helps you to jump from 1900 to 2200 rating in one year.

    The books of Mark Dvoretski and of Artur Jussupov are the best modern books that exist .

    From the older ones the first that come to my mind are

    Tournament 1953 , with comments of Bronstein and others,

    The chess heritage of Aliekhine, by A. Kotov, with comments of Aliekhine and the  author.

    oh sorry, i thought that 12 hours a day would suffice. whats your OTB RATING, btw if it wont bother you ?



    My Otb rating is 2240.

    If you have time to work on chess 12 hours a day, then its doable, lol.

    I heard, Dvoretski and Jussupov are not very known in US. Althgough both were trainers of Super GMs.


    Silman, with all due respect, writes like a machine, but not too deep.

    Btw, the fat book of Polgar with thousands tactics exercises is not bad.

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    schletcher, are you titled and what do you think about the suggestions of jimliew ?

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    jimliew58 wrote:

    I start off with a few

    1. Simple Chess (written by Michael Stean)

    2. GM-RAM (this one needs a coach to guide you along)

    3. Nunn's Chess Endings (learning chess endgames)

    Nunn is a very serious writer. If 2. has commented games, its worth a try for me.

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    Gerald Abrahams "Technique in Chess" is gold if you can get a copy from anywhere [Descriptive and out of print].

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    oh do you have FIDE rating and a title ?

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    jimliew58 wrote:

    4. Chess strategy in Action

    5. Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual (quite heavy going, so need someone to help you)

    6. A strategic opening repertoire for white (to start you off on building a basic repertoire, alternatively get a coach)

    Who is the author of 4.

    ANZ book of Dvoretski is very good.

    A later one is

    End Game University,

    very strong.

    The GMs from the Soviet school pick up points often in endgames.

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    linuxblue1 wrote:

    Gerald Abrahams "Technique in Chess" is gold if you can get a copy from anywhere [Descriptive and out of print].

    do you have an OTB RATING or aTITLE ?

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    I am in exactly the same position as the OP. I have no FIDE rating either and probably overall play to a strength of 1900.

    Let's both get to 2200 in a year Laughing

    I am reading the Abrahams book like mad. Forget Yusupov. Abrahams all the way! He has a chapter on king and pawn endings that is the best that I have ever seen. That alone makes the book worth reading. I get the impression though, in this and other books, that Abrahams is basically a middle game writer and that is where his passion for chess lies.

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    HEHEEHEE ....... YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!

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    You mock Yussupov because you perhaps dont know him and Dvoretski.

    Once again

    Endgame University by Dvoretski is the internationally most respected book on endgames.

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    I was being light-hearted. Of course Dvoretsky and Yusupov are outstanding writers.

    I am just making the point that there they aren't the only game in town; there are other writers of this era or a past era who are just as good.

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