What chess records may never be broken?


I have played 3 players who are GMs in my life and I won from all three. Never have lost or drew with a gm.

[and I do not drink or smoke or do drugs!]Cool

While we are at it I will say that I have also bowled 346 perfect games![300 is a perfect game-12 straight strikes]  games [of course there is a catch to this one] I have other crazy records such as the most chess games won in a row...


Think how much better you could've done if you'd gotten properly sauced once in a while.


Yes, I would have had 400 perfect bowling games if I sauced up!


While we're on the subject of Spassky, surely it's unlikely that any other WC match will see a default (2nd game 1972). 


EDIT: Oh wait, didn't Kramnik default against Topalov or something?

Mainline_Novelty wrote:

Greatest Number Of Castlings in a game : 3! http://timkr.home.xs4all.nl/records/

Lol! I've just noticed this, it's a classic. I shall attempt to beat it.


Dont forget that Karpov too has a lifetime record. He won the 1975 World Chess Championship title by default!Cool


Nobody can lose more than 2 pieces in one move :


Here_Is_Plenty wrote:

"First guy to ever deliver checkmate..." - mind you we have no claimed record for this one, so I am claiming now to be that guy.  No other contestants?  Good, its mine!

I am hoping the Kasparov rating wont get broken as I included it in a story as "the highest rating of all time" and would hate to have to go back and edit.

Heh, now I'll have to go watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ur5fGSBsfq8&feature=fvwrel again. Cheers.


I think first guy to deliver check mate was Adam as after all he smartened up after eating from the tree of knowledge and Eve always let him win.


Probably the record for the longest title reign, held currently by Em. Lasker.

People these days are just too numerous and to strong in chess to have a consistent dominator imo.


Lowest rated FIDE World Champion: Kasimdzhanov #54. This will be tough to beat, van Wely is #54 at the moment and doesn't feel like World Champion material.

ponz111 wrote:

It is easy to beat 3 gms in 3 tries but to do what Spassky did-4 past/current world champs first time playing them is very difficult.

Unless you catch a future world champ at age of 10 or something...

Rubinstein beat 3 World Champs the first time he played each of them, including the mighty Capa, Alekhine, and Lasker. That is verrrrry different from beating '3 GMs' lol.

Also, Spassky's 2nd match vs a WC was a draw v Petrosian in the USSR Chp. His 3rd was a draw vs Botvinnik. So, 1-0-2 is a good record, but nothing like 3-0-0.


I have a chess record which "will never be broken" . I am the only person in the history of United States Correspondence Championship  [there have been about 20 so far] who in the Finals won every game with Black.

This likely will not be broken because of the advent of computer help and data base help for the players. Now it is near impossible to win 7 straight games out of 7 in the Finals of that Championship.

I realize it is only a USA record but it is one that will not be broken.

One reason the record was set is that I used an opening that at the time that was not often played:  1. e4  d5  2. exd5  Qxd5 Scandinavian Defense... 4 out of 4 with that Defense.


The Scandinavian?!  Why, that's sheer tomfoolery!


But at the time I played it--it was new and there was little or no theory.

[I had some improvements over existing theory at the time]

4 out or 4 with Black-  in finals of US Championship not so  much tomfoolery Laughing


Well, I certainly hope you're not foolish enough to take anything that comes out of my big puppethead too seriously. Laughing


ok Andy Laughing


garry kasparovs winning the world championship at the age of 20 `


Yes, if he had done so that would've been quite impressive.