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what comes next?

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    I'm  a beginning chess player, I've learned about basic openings and basic tactics, (pins, forks, discovered attacks) 

    what should I focus on next?

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    I just looked at your most recent game(not that I am qualified to give advice) and I noticed a couple things. First I would look at opening principles i.e. you developed your dark square bishop to a bad square then moved it again a couple moves later.  Also there is a difference between knowing what a pin, fork, skewer, etc is and being able to spot them in your games.  It takes hours and hours of tactical practice to be able to see these things.  You made some errors in this game that should not have happened if you had a firm grasp of basic tactics.  So I would advise either joining this site as a premium member or heading to chesstempo.com so you can practice tactics every day.  Also, I found these articles to be very helpful regarding tactics and chess in general

    http://www.chesscafe.com/archives/archives.htm#Novice Nook

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    Thanks... that website is pretty helpful. :)

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    You welcome, I just noticed the link wasn't pasted properly, and it takes you to the main chess cafe page.  You should look for the instructor Dan Heisman and his Novice Nook section from the main page.


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