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What do I do if someone repeatedly offers a draw when it is mate next move..??

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    It's very easy to miss.  And it's also easy to miss when the "offer draw" button changes to "claim draw" if one hasn't already been aware that the repetition requirement has been satisfied.

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    Put the guy info on a blog so no one plays him blacklist the guy>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    pray for him

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    princedia wrote:

    Put the guy info on a blog so no one plays him blacklist the guy>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    your suggestion is one thing that isn't allowed, princedia.  this site does not tolerate public humiliation or embarrassment attempts.


    sending a report of his 'bad behavior' to staff would solve the problem quickly - several reporting the same actions would result in staff actions.


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    I don't think one can ignore the offer and keep playing through - i.e., I believe moving is blocked until one either accepts or decines the offer.  I'd set up conditional moves all the way to mate, if possible, and then just look at my list of games once in a while to see when my opponent was mated, or at least I'd set up as many moves ahead as possible (as has been suggested).  I'd also try never to play that person again which may not be avoidable if you're both in the same tournament.

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    I'm brand new here..   so I haven't felt the frustration expressed in many of these posts.    But how about a 'feedback' area in everyone's profile?   Much like ebay users let one another know which vendors and buyers to avoid - we would be able to see if someone has a history of being lame while playing chess.

    I personally don't like the idea of altering rules (limiting the number of draw offers etc.) because the problem isn't the rules, the problem is certain people.   We just need to be able to let each other know about them.

    my 2 cents anyway..

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    Laugh and mate them on the next move.

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    nondual, in OTB events, you do not get such 'advance knowledge' of another player's habits.  it is against site policy to post names or habits of bad behaving people. there is a procedure for reporting them, and, when enough reports accumulate about bad behavior, staff removes those who fail to follow decent behavior rules.


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    Ah.. there we go.  Well that sounds reasonable.

    I suppose it's also easy enough to interpret multiple draw offers as the sound of a dying opponent.  Not such a bad sound. Tongue out

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    No need to ressurect a dead thread

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    you can either accept the draw

    or you can decline it and then mate the opponent

    or you can wait until his clocks runs out and then laugh at him because you crushed his ego

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    I simply put them on my noplay list and try my best not to let their childish behavior upset me.


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    You decline the draw. Let him make his move. Then use the rest of your time (save 30 seconds or so) and let him stare at that mate-in-one. Just let it soak in....


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