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What do you feel about players that do perpetual checks when they are losing?

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    For the player that is well ahead in material and or position, it is his or her resposibility to prevent the threat of stalemate from coming into fruition. For the player that is well behind materially and or positionally, the threat of a STALEMATE is a justifiable weapon in the player's arsenal.

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    I'm always incredibly impressed when my opponent finds a cunning way to force a draw in a seemingly lost position. It adds a whole new level of excitement to positions which makes me always play cautiously when I have an advantage.

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    I personally would feel bad, but not mad; one have the right to defend his game by all means the one that got to be careful is the one with advantage. Here a good picture: imagine you fighting for the world championship. Would you reject a perpetual to allow your opponent take the match in the last game? I know the answer, thank you!Cool

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    Good idea!

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    MaryandJuana hat geschrieben:

    only way that win was pulled out was because of that move.  I take the pawn and he has no perpetual check with his rook. 

    alot to learn, you have young padawan

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    I am so totally winning that my opponent can force a draw, if he wants to hurt my winning feelings.

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    The title of this thread has has to be one of the dumbest in the history of Chess.com. 

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    Stick around, there will be worse.

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    It's the game.  It's the rules.  If you can find a perpetual check, you're drawn.  What's the issue?


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    "What do you feel about players who do perpetual check when they are losing?"

    ... ummm... if they have a perpetual check available, then they aren't losing. They are drawing. By definition.

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         I think I be winning...my opponent thinks he be drawing by perpetual...I think I better do more thinking about whether I think am winning. 


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    You don't win chess just because you have the advantage. You have to actually keep it and do something with it. Your opponent won't just roll over and die because he's theoretically worse.

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    I managed to snatch a draw by perpetual check with my rooks not too long ago. The escape square were guarded by pawns. I was a knight and three pawns down. This was the chat between us:

    - We can play on but it's a draw.
    - It's not a draw. You can put your castle somewhere else. You have other moves, I don't.
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    Hard cheese
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