What do you like most about Chess.com?


I know most LOVE to play the game! It's addicting, can't deny that! However, I know we all have something we just love about Chess! I want to hear what YOU like most about our site! 

I love the interactions our members have with one another! It's incredible and inspiring how one site can bring so many millions of people together from all over the world to play such a fun and entertaining not to mention challenging game! 


I'd love to hear from you! happy.png 



Daniel rensch!


The learning tools: tactics trainer, chess mentor, the videos.  Its a shame that a site this good, has to be ruined by the forums.  As they say: "Youre only as strong as your weakest link"




The articles, the videos, the help and the jokes you get on the forums, reading the blogs, the live commentary during games, it's all really cool and fun and absorbing.  


That I get to play chess since I can't find live humans to play.


I love the focus on VIDEOS VIDEOS VIDEOS and even moreover, the obnoxious ads designed to circumvent my adblocker. Oh and let's not forget the super fancy animations. who cares if 1 min is unplayable on v3, gotta chase that tablet-kid dollar!


setting up (games/blog/threads) are a cinch, tabs are user friendly........ 

staff are nice, and mods (some) are generally helpful, 


I like that I don't have to choose who I play with, and win or lose, I will most probably never see them again, with million plus players, and no need for rematches.


It provides so much help to improve your chess skills even for those who don't go to a club and haven't learned chess from a teacher, like me.

kaynight wrote:

I love feeling the hate from idiots on this site.

Malaysia 🇲🇾 has a soft spot 😻🙋😜 for Edinburgh 


To quote the Wide World of Sports. " the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, the human drama of competition"

I also have to say I like the Tactics, Daily Puzzle etc. even thhough they get the best of me more often than not. 


Buck_Mulligan wrote:

[oh, such language...I had to delete it  -CrystalMoon]

----------------------- From your choice of words it almost seems you don't like cc, in fact I am sensing some anger in you, even sarcasm. It is almost like you are upset because you cheated and then found that other cheat too. I can see how that will upset anybody.


Yes, I cheated by some ambiguous standard of modern on-line chess play. I came to a position that was difficult. I read through some books on the system and then ran some tests using Chessbase (this all happened 5 years ago when engine software was new and accesible to consummers). I guess my question then is why do these software developers create powerful engines if not to be used? Chess.com forbids us from using them, but all the greatest grandmasters to date use these engines in post game analyisis to better understand their opponnent's knowledge of the game and to predict oppenent strategy and opening theory. So the Chess.com double-standard is pretty hypocritical. Magnus Carlsen uses Chessbase to analyze potential strategies against the world's greatest players who, in turn, use Chessbase engines to find a counter-strategy pre-tournament. So if Magnus Carlsen and his coaches use Chessbase to create pre-emptive, pre-game strategy prior to playing a tournament, does that mean they are cheating?


I think the key here is using the engine during the game.


Buck_Mulligan wrote:

[Please do not re-post profanities - CM]

I love this post, it reminds me of a great film with mike douglas where the man says "[or use the same profanities spelled differently -CM]".


Blitz tournaments are like crack for retired people who played the game in their youth.  I was much better at chess back then, now that I'm a dried-up shell of my former self, I need the mental exercise to keep my remaining 6-7 brain cells alive.  I have one first-place and one second-place so far, so I know that I can win if I make the right moves for a few minutes at a time.