What is the Simon Williams Hikaru Nakamura Story?


I was watching the Ben Finegold vs Ginger GM stream when Danny said that there was a Naka story involving Simon that he wanted to mention in the Career lowlight segment for Simon but they eventually agreed not to bring it up.


It just got me curious. What is that story. Anyone know what happened?

Simon lost (something like) 11 in a row in blitz before eventually winning his first game.
He posted it on you tube all the same, and yes, he (Hikaru) is a bit good.
I'd rather watch the ginger ninja ahead of Nakamura or Finegold, any day.
Humility is a virtue.

No I don't think this was the story. I think Ben Finegold said that if the story is true it would a career highlight for Simon, and Finegold hates Naka.


Also Danny said it was a post tournament story and Simon said he and Naka are friends 'now'. So I am assuming they weren't friends when the incident happened, or it was not a friendly incident.


So losing 11 games to Naka doesnt seem to be the story. All indications are the Simon and naka were involved in some heated exchange of words at the very least or a prank of some sort which Naka didn't like.

They aren’t friends. I’ll tell you that much.
Simon doesn’t have that much game.
ZebraGang wrote:

 Simon Williams slept with Hikaru Nakamura's girlfriend. 

That's so 1980s...Nigel Short and Tony Miles


Simon called him Harry by mistake