What's is Magnus Carlsen's IQ?


Let's be honest now, there are many 'savants' in this world who have extreme ability in one specific area, yet are very average if not deficient in others. I'm not saying that Magnus Carlsen is a savant, only that an extreme ability does not necessarily equate to an overall high IQ. 

I can draw and paint better than 99.99% of people, but that doesn't make me a genius.

Twobit wrote:

He was probably never tested. He said he did not know in an interview. But here is the interesting thing; he admitted that many times he did not calculate moves, but went by how a certain move "felt". This feeling in reality is the result of the synthesized outcome of thousands of games , subconsciously. This is similar to Koltanowski's description of his talent in blindfold chess. So it may be more interesting to now his EQ (emotional quotient).

I feel like that’s a bit of a stretch. Feelings and emotions are two different things. I doubt it’s eq. Some people just have minds that unconsciously think extremely strategically.