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What's the highest rating one can achieve without seriously studying?

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    What seems to be most chess players:

    "Other than [books, videos, magazines, and/or websites] I never studied.  And [discounting tournaments I went to] I didn't play any serious games.  And mostly I really only [other than clubs I attended weekly] played online.  In fact even online I [other than the long games] never really played serious games, only 1/0 games.

    And other than [strong players and friends I analyzed with] I never REALLY had a coach or mentor of any kind.

    Considering how I've [pretty much] never studied, played a serous game, analyzed my games, or been coached I think my rating is very good!  And discounting all those years I did all or some of those things it only took me a very short time too."

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    The only way to play chess without studying or practice is to play your very first game of chess with no previous knowledge of it. So I'd guess that'd be a rating of 300 max.

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    Nobody has every won their first 50 games.

    So at some time you lost. When you lost you had to figure why you lost. So bla bla bla you seriously studied. Now if your played you and do not give me no friend played you in a game ok a family member then cut the cheese. Sure they pulled out all those quick mates and traps beginners do not know. And naturally they did not tell you how to stop it at first. Bla bla bla you studied seriously not to have it happen again.

    If you know the name of openings, famaliar with GM's history, have a good understanding of mobility of pieces, tactics and etc then you seriously studied the game of chess to be good at it.

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    Hey when they have an interface directly with the brain ....

    ..... well it be possible to be instantly a GM.  Frown

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    Well for me I studied up until I was about 1650 USCF. Then I didn't study or studied very little, and in about 1.5 years, Tada! I'm 1932 USCF now. 😉

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    nice one

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    Well nobody cares how old you are here. You can be 5 years old and lie and get in :-) I am 11 though.

    Also, from 1650 to 1932, I have probably done maybe 60-80 chess puzzles. In 1.5 years. That's not good :-)

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    11 and 1932 USCF? Surprised

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    Yeah. Its true. Search up Derek Zhang on USCF Ratings.

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    I believe you, just impressed.

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    Do you ever...play chess naked?


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