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What's your "Chess" IQ?

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    Here is the IQ Chart from Levitt's Genius in Chess:

    IQ 185  High natural neuro-kinesthetic control; high curiosity drive; anti trivia; in a hurry

    IQ 180  New creation

    IQ 175  Knows intelligent (and right!)

    IQ 165  Formalization; beginnings of self confidence; less hiding

    IQ 160  Interest in logic; paranoia; minor creation; recognizes good work; art; music

    IQ 150  Trivial formalization

    IQ 145  Below this level and often above is everywhere found a slavery to conditioning

    Levitt states that the population of IQ distribution is as follows (100 being an average IQ):

    16% above 115
    2.3% above 130
    0.13% above 145
    0.003% above 160

    Levitt comes up with a equation which relates ELO and IQ score:

    ELO ~ (10 x IQ) + 1000

    The "~" symbol means "given many years of effort will tend to be equal approximately".

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    I'm 145.

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    So one day my rating could be 2450!!

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    Sweet.I like that!!

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    Mine's 2550. I think the formula is accurate since Kasparov has one of 180. By this formula, he would be 2800.


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