When amateur knows way too much! Dortmund 2013: Kramnik - Caruana


I'm following a strong tournament at the moment and it is Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2013 of course. Smile We've seen a very nice performance from both leaders, Adams (6.5) and Kramnik (6) in the first 8 rounds!

However, chessdom/chessbomb is providing a computer evaluation below the game. Today Kramnik won against Caruana in a pretty long game, with both players in a time pressure at the end.

It's OK. But some other things aren't. I almost went mad (almost, but didn't Wink) when I saw commentary below the game. A lot of "experts" - patzers, were smart how bad endgame it was. Well, it was not the best one, but at least game was interesting.

Here's what disturbed me the most:

Your opinion?


I notice none of them give any reasoning as to why any of the moves played were bad. That's pretty telling to me - I'd say they were obviously just using the computer evaluation to proclaim which moves were good, with absolutely no knowledge of the complexities of the position that was on the board.


Everyone make mistakes so we cannot crisis ice them like this.


set kib 2 Wink


Chessbomb transmissions should be followed for the trolling rather than the chess :-) Every time I look at a game there the same regulars do their routine, and that's combined with all the shouts about blunders as soon as someone goes from +0.25 to +0.17 in a five second engine evaluation. That aside, I think neither Kramnik nor Caruana will include that game in the chapter on instructive endgames in their game collections. It was highly entertaining though. 


I followed that match and above mentioned comments from internet geniuses. I always find it amusing ( not maddening) to see amatures make comment on the play of Kramnik or Anand. you should have seen some of the comment these guys ( same guys as you see above) made on Anand and his game. 

I always watch these games with computer analysis hidden. As far as this game is concerned, this was a brilliant display of positional play by both players for the most part.

PS* funniest was: Evan The Terrible: a sad day for chess. 


Caruana really isn't in good shape at the moment. Three losses and three draws in his last six games, the draws against on average 2640 opposition, and he was lost against Khenkin and clearly worse against Naiditsch. Considering that the finish against Kramnik wasn't too surprising.


Speaking of mistakes...I am making a whole bunch right now! LOL...on purpose! O_O

Gotta get better somehow ^^;


Not only is Caruana having a disaster of a tournament, but he was also in extreme time trouble for the late stages.

Kramnik's loss the day before was the worst I've ever seen him play.  But he is a warrior with nothing to lose and nothing to prove, and it is him and Adams in the last round today.


i was following the game in chessbomb.someone said sth smart: in era of houdini people always talk about mistakes and not brilliant moves.

since in chessbomb.com houdini illustrates bad moves with red color but doesent illustrate great moves with a specific color so beginners all the time are looking for a red move while blue moves seem natural to them.

i remember watching one of anand games recently and anand made a beautiful move but houdini showed that move with purple color which means not the best and people started complaining how bad anand handles the position.they didnt understand anand played a beautiful move and enough for winning but since houdini decreased his advantage from +3.5 to +2.8 they thought move was absurd.they are blinded by houdini not caring to beautiful and brilliant moves.


maybe seeing a super GM blunders give some of us pleasure.we feel that he isnt much better than me.


This happens in every sport. A guy drops a ball and everyone acts as if they could do any better... 

Estragon wrote:

/.../ and it is him and Adams in the last round today.

I love "the winner takes it all" situations. Wink


The repetition draw started on the tenth move so not much of a fight in the last round, and one of Adams' biggest successes is a fact.

fabelhaft wrote:

The repetition draw started on the tenth move so not much of a fight in the last round, and one of Adams' biggest successes is a fact.

Just noticed. Damn. But must agree with you here.


And they agreed to draw after 14 moves :)


Maybe Caruana felt his live rating reaching 2800 before this tournament a little too much, speaking about his performance.

But I'm sure he'll bounce back with interest, being the hard worker they say he is.


I like comments in this kind of engine-assisted (and not) live game chat when people speak about possible moves and why they might or might not work, and also when some silly but polite jokes are made about innocent things (quite annoyed with crass comments everytime a female shows on screen, though). Unfortunately trolling is everywhere on the net, and one just have to learn to ignore it.


Is kramnik out of his mind? he quicky went for a draw and finished in second place.i think he was unprepared how to play for a win with black and specially against 1.e4


I cant imagine kasparov agreeing to a draw in that situation.