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Where are the older-style USCF plastic pieces?

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    ChessHouse.com had some of the older sets a year ago, but they seem to be sold out of them now.

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    Still not the pieces. All the tournament sets are all similar in design. The knight is pretty much the same in all sets just some small differences but still the same the king is slightly different in all the sets mainly the cross the bishop slit is usually different. The rooks crown changes from 90 degree angle or some tapers out and the pawn to me looks the same in all sets. When I get home I will post a photo of the pieces from searching for bobby fischer and also the other set thst is also in the movie you see them using in the final match of the game.

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    Dug out my old set that is this style.  I definitely prefer this over the new style set, also.  Mine is holding up okayish.

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    Post a pic of just the queen

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    I just opened you image in another window. Nope sorry! Still not it from the bobby fischer pic.

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    Sure, here are the queens compared with the new style queens (old in back, new in front).

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    I did not say they were the same as the ones from Searching for Bobby Fischer.  They are definitely the older style basic USCF pieces, though, I can assure you of that.  They are identical to the ones in post #7.

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    Both are generally used and have been around for years. And to the person that posted ebay. Where on ebay can you find the pieces from the photo i posted. The set that has the king and queen that are in the middle.

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    To be cost competative you will need a huge run of sets from China. Are you willing to pay for something that might go down in flames.? The average plastic chess set buyer is only going to look at the bottom line price wise.I will not pay money for your pointed Queen set myself JMHO.

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    O. I'm not doing it to sale them. They're in good condition just want to make a cleaner set in more of a off white instead of beige and a little less glossy. Throws it off to me. Someone did tell me they stoped making the set because chess players complained about poking there fingers with the queen. I was omg really! I love this set probably as much or more than the nice wood set that I have.

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    The queen and king in the middle are the one from the photo from the movie. Those are the sets i have.

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    Do either of these queens match what you are calling the old style?

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    It seems that I was mistaken and The Chess House still has some old style plastic sets.

    Are these close enough to what you're looking for?


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    I'm reviving this old post to ask whether anyone knows of places that might sell these older sets?  I have one but it's bunged up and missing a couple of pieces.  I think the "quality club sets" sold by a few places aren't bad, but the bishops are different and for nostalgia reasons I'd like one of the older USCF style sets.  Especially in cream/natural instead of ivory/white.


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    Hi Axmann & paretobox - I just came across this set on chess/vintage chess on ebay. Looksl like the bishops might meet your requirements?



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    Also looks like this could be a good lot for someone to jump on. Again not certain but the biships look promising.



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