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Which 3000 Player Do You Dislike the Most?

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    I know a lot of people would say Rybka because they act like a scumbag to other players.  Some would say Fritz for winning too much.  I personally dislike with a passion my toaster for smoking my other engines.  Here are my reasons:

    1.  The toaster would lose the first game.  After putting the CDs in the toaster, the toaster won all subsequent games on time.  So the toaster doesn't even try the first game!  Even more annoying is that it has yet to lose a match.  You know what that is called?  Arrogance.

    2.  The toaster's conduct to the other players leads to all of the toaster's games won by time in the other players protest.  This behavior alone should indicate that a review needs to be done on Mr. Toaster.

    Thoughts and other opinions?

  • #2

    wasn't there a 3000 player here one time ?

  • #3

    The American.

  • #4
    kco wrote:

    wasn't there a 3000 player here one time ?

    Maybe, it was probably Houdini.

  • #5

    Harry ?

  • #6

    Harry is long dead. I was thinking of his nephew.

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    If those 3k players are beating u... try the secret move: Unplug.


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