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which opening u preffer most?

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    ENGLISH(1.C4)is my favourite opening,while playing with white . it has some good traps and great continuations... and FOUR KNIGHT is my fav continuation.. 

    so share 

    which opening u like most while playing with white?

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    The Italian Game. It's awesome.

    But English is also not that bad...

    As black, the Franco-Benoni Defense.

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    I like the ruy lopez, nice strategic game

    But I also like the SMG, which is more wily. I prefer having the better pawn structure.

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    but in SMG . black has a chance if they know the ri8 continuation is not it? though i hav not played that much

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    Even if Black plays completely accurately (which in a practical setting is unlinkely), White still gets an ok game, despite being objectively equal or even slightly worse, White gets a lot more of the fun, and practical chances, especially at Class level are often with the attacker.

    EDIT : I'm assuming "SMG" is Smith-Morra Gambit, right?

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    The gay retard, which goes 1.g4,e5 2.Nh3,d5 3.f3

    Lol just kidding, I usually open with either 1.d4 1.Nf3 or 1.b3 depending on my mood. 

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    what do u make the next move after 1.nf3

  • #9

    QGD, Slav,Nimzo-Indian,Queens Indian.


    But Im only playing e4 lines now for practice =[

  • #10

    Frankenstein Dracula Opening because  I am a closet vampire and I live in a coffin.

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    linuxblue1 wrote:

    Frankenstein Dracula Opening because  I am a closet vampire and I live in a coffin.

    is there really this kind of opening? if yes please give the moves

  • #12

    It is. Vienna Game from memory. I'm a bit too old to know how to put moves up. Someone will.

  • #13

    oh ya ya . i alsp like vienna .it is mind blowing

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    I'm a straight up fan of the Ruy Lopez opening. As a kid it was pretty much the only opening I've ever used.

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    tremendous opening bro

  • #16

    That's it. It was named as such because the position is so crackers that only It would occur if Dracula and Frankenstein played one another as two madmen playing chess.

  • #17

    It is equal position accoding to theory. But don't play it unless you have gone as mad as Frankenstein!!!!!!! :)

  • #18

    ya . i m half mad ..Cry

  • #19

    what about alapin variation/

  • #20

    Playing White: The Scotch Game;

    Playing Black: 1. e4 - The Scandiavian Defence;

                          1. d4 - The Tarrash Defence

                           1. c4 - Still to decide!


    Best of luck

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