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Who is GM DrTancredi? Defeated Nakamura 21-15 in bullet.

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    ChrisWainscott wrote:
    lol oregonpatzer, I'm married.

    And you could have finally gotten a gf last week. He doesn't know!

    The internet...sheesh!

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    Anyone is free to look me up on Twitter @cwainscottmke and post a link to the photo I tweeted called "Friday Night Fun"
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    drtancredi is vladimir kramnik...

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    I know first hand that he's not an actual doctor.  He admitted this during the Nakamura stream.

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    There was another thread on this and sb said it was Mamedyarov

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    I really am surprised Tancredi hasn't admitted who he is yet.

    Although it seems a lot of people know now. ChessBae94 said who it was in the ChessBrah Twitch stream earlier in the week during the middle of a conversation about who Tancredi is and no one picked up on it though they kept demanding to know.

    C'mon D...uh...Tancredi...admit who you are!
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    It's Jeremy Silman.

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    come on guys... drtancredi is vladimir kramnik...


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