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Who was/is the best GM of all time

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    That's either Kasparov, who was +2800 rated longer than anyone in history and dominated chess from 1985 to 2000 or Magnus Carlsen, who has been +2800 longer than any active player today and posted the highest single rating in history. 

    There's plenty of room to discuss who was the "greatest", but in terms of best, when discussing humans, there's only two to consider.

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    Nezhmetdinov may well be the best player never to have earned a GM title, but I agree with fabelhaft that he certainly does not belong in the conversation of best ever, or even the best player of the 1960s. He was brilliant. But he forced things too much. Players such as Averbakh just played solid chess against him and waited for him to throw a piece at them. Those solid players usually beat him rather prosaically.

    Players such as Tal took up the challenge and battled him on his own terms. In those games, he created several masterpieces. 

    Here's one such game:

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    Is: Magnus.

    Was: Bobby Fischer.


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    no kasparov

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    Let's Set Up a Magnus vs Kapsarov vote or even a match against them!(magnus will win, probably even against the youunger garry)

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    why not the one and only great  

    Tarrasch in the list above ??


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