Why should I lose 13 points to somebody rated 100 points higher than me?  Please explain how glicko is superior?


 Just guessing, but is this a daily game?  Your RD is like 140 which means your wins and losses count for more than normal.  Glicko doesn't like it when you don't play often enough.  Not daily or something else?  Never mind...my bad. wink.png


Now 11 more points to another player 100 points higher.  I'm not losing because of inactivity (yes, I did play like crap), but not because of inactivity.  I just made more blunders than usual.  My record against players 100 points higher than me has ALWAYS been terrible even when I was highly active on chess.com.



I thought you were wondering why there was yet another N vs B thread. happy.png


You got away lucky. If you play too infrequently, a loss to anyone less than 300 above you can cost you your kneecaps.