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Why are Men Better than Other Men?

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    and they may not even be under 12.

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    See, that's what happens when you eat vegetables.

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    There's nothing worse than watching two married people flirt with one another.

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    nameno1had wrote:
    bronsteinitz wrote:

    And if you believe that creating a heavenly evening is giving the wrong impression, then there will not be a lot of heavenly evenings in your life. Every day is a new day.

    now I know you did...

    ...ps....you should get over the fact you and didn't like each other in another forum....it's warping your perception of this one...the crappy thing is, I was trying to let that go....and people wonder why I seem like such a hard @$$ sometimes....

    Not the word I would have chosen.

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    Definitely ruined.

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    theoreticalboy wrote:

    Good question.  As a man, I know I'm better than any women at most tasks, those that fall into the categories of being hysterical and fainting excluded, but I see men running faster, lifting heavier things, drinking more pure alcohol etc than me all the time.  Is this genetics, or have they just practiced more?  I await to your response.

    After years of practice, theo' has finally perfected the swoon and ruined his chances of ever becoming the WCC.


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