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why are Russians so good at chess

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    • wayne thomas said - I think this is also true of any career, but if children come into contact with successful adults in particular careers,  Wayne Thomas said - they are more likely to follow those careers themselves. - I was in 23rd medical company - I joined the canadian army reserve - I was called into an interview - the head nurse of edmns royal alex hospital basically told me the recruitments tests said I was a genius and she invited me to join 23rd med coy - now 15 edmn med coy - well - I met the smartest person in the world there - sergeant major linda wheeler - she told me her father was a chartered accountant - and since she was a little girl - she would only do things which would make her a chartered accountant - I worked heavy industrial that summer - when to h and r block - taxes - they could get me 300 tax back - sgt mjr linda wheeler said she could not do my taxes because in two months she was graduating and had to study for her exams - SHE TOLD ME TO GO TO A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT pay him to do my taxes - I did as she said and an east indian chartered accountant working in his basement got me about 3 three thousand dollars back======= to the best of my knowledge she had to '' apprentice 8 years '' on finishing that she would did become the youngest chartered accountant in canada in the day - hmmm kid can study accounting for 15 years or study chess for 15 years hmmm?


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