Why aren't there any titled players using the forums?

The-Camptown-Kitteh wrote:

oh dear, he is resorting to adhominems, that means his feelings got hurt by a bad joke

Lmao it was just a meme reference. Calm yo tits.. 


no, i histericcles now


I think they don't reveal themselves

Euthyphro399 wrote:

So it seem the vast majority of titled players refuse to participate in forums, and the most active titled player in the forum is borderline trolling. 

As I have already pointed out:  I am not a troll, I am a doofus.

"We are not Eskimos!"...

Image result for we are not eskimos monty python

(Crackle Crunch) I suppose they have more valuable uses for their time such as playing in tournaments, studying chess, teaching lessons, and looking for mates.

yes, contributing to the upliftment of humanity is not really their thing. luckily we have an NM who believes in giving back, it will save him from the karma of ill gotten gains thumbup.png


And he's not a troll.


I do have to wonder though...why did the (Crackle Crunch) come first that time?


he puts milk in his popcorn, maybe.