Why do I suck at daily chess?

AliMcK wrote:

Wow.  Well done on the win - good effort rewarded.  What's chessbase?  What's chess informant?  Are you just a player for fun?  Can I ask what your chess ambitions are?  Thanks for taking the time to reply - I know I'm pushing my luck a bit with all these questions - I'm waiting for someone nasty to jump on me soon....  


ChessBase is database software https://shop.chessbase.com/en/products/chessbase15_premium_package


Chess Informant is a periodical https://www.sahovski.com/Chess-Informant-140-p143247080


My only chess ambition is to play well. I had other ambitions until a few years ago. I would like to win my city's championship, but once again this year I placed second in the qualifying tournament and so will not be playing a match against the current champion. Likely, my best chance was in 2013. I've played in the championship three times, but lost every time.

I coach young players, run youth and USCF rated tournaments, and play in a few OTB tournaments every year.  The next one I'm TD for is in three weeks. The next time I'll play in a tournament is September. I won that one last year.

I enjoy playing and enjoy studying. I'm at an age where hard work is needed to slow the decline in my abilities.