Why do people resign so early?


Weighing in on the chess-related discussion, sometimes it's just a better use of time to resign than to play on, in terms of efficiency. I almost never resign, but that's because I mostly play bullet.

wonderfulzach40 wrote:

a boy 18 years old phone number please

please take that convo somwhere else

There is no conversation. Now you know what it’s like being a woman on chess.com. I get messages like that all the time and it’s annoying.
I quit when I start the game and when I made dumb errors then I know that I wasn’t in the mood to play

he does that to many people.

BrownBears wrote:

might have been a sandbagger

That is a reasonable point, especially since it's daily. He would've had at least a day to think about the move. 


ragequit lol. I'd have done the same if I was black


also, @grandmoffeal12 where'd you get that background? Do you mind sending me a screenshot of something of that image on your background?