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Why does everyone talk English???

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    I personally would like to protest the lack of -ly to designate adverbs. Almost no one says "it went pretty quickly" any more, instead just ending with "quick." (For example)

    And it's not just the usual idiots either doing this, like eyewitnesses on the news saying: "I seen him..."

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    Aw, -ly is for wusses!  "Real quick" is pithy, dammit!

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    It all started with Apple's "Think Different" campaign.

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    Personally, I would like to protest the disappearance of "thou" from the language (except amongst Quakers).

    But then again, I also miss cave painting.

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    Quick is quicker than quickly, and more aesthetical pleasing.

    See Life v. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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    Your stubbornness on this point will be due noted.

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    chessmaster102 wrote:
    Estragon wrote:

    Why isn't the forum in Mandarin, then?


    cause chess.coms owner speaks primarily english. As for why its most spoken look it up it should be obvious since china holds more people than america and all other primary english speaking countries.


    China holds more people, but not all of them speak Mandarin.  More people around the world are conversant in English than are conversant in Mandarin, especially among chessplayers.

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    DrSpudnik wrote:

    It all started with Apple's "Think Different" campaign.

    Which was in turn itself just a parody of IBM's famous office signs reading "Think".

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    More proof that computers make people dumber.

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    DrSpudnik wrote:

    Your stubbornness on this point will be due noted.

    A like story.

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    Then there was this:

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    DrSpudnik wrote:

    It all started with Apple's "Think Different" campaign.

    Maybe "Different" was not adverbing "Think" but rather it was an imperative to "Think [of something] Different [to use as a slogan]."

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    I would like to point out that burgling is an infinitely more excellent word than the rote burglarizing. To burglarize is to turn someone into a burglar, which rarely applies to inanimate objects such as real estate.

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    Aaaaah we can all go to Mexico and get a shot of Tequila.....

    Forget that we just go to LisaV house and get that Tequila and eat up all her food. Ok we pay for the food. Tequila always taste best when somebody else paying for it.

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    Anybody else want to come?

    Look for the house with  "Mi case Su casa" 

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    For once we can all get along and have a good time with no problems.

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                 New Year's Party @ LisaV's house



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    Ah, the glorious 70s...back when Hamburglars could still be role models. Smile

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    Yeah when you can go places in your Birthday suite.

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    Swinger's Party for Muppets at My House

    It IS easy being green!

    Join Waldorf, Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy to send off the year with a gigantic triple banger. Who needs tonight's fireworks when YOU can make the earth move, shake, rattle and roll? Marvin Gaye and George Michael music provided for free to get you..in the mood.

    You have forgotten how to swing? Then you SHOULD..no MUST come...to learn to swing again. Your inner swinger needs to be released with a dozen other friendly muppets.

    Swing again...like you did last summer. Swing again...like you did last year.


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