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Why don't they do this anymore?

  • #1

    Botvinnik-Euwe 10 min Blindfold Blitz, live on TV.

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    That's a nice find!

    The only thing missing is my ability to understand the commentary and their little chat at the end.

  • #3

    The host died

  • #4

    I understand a little, Afrikaans is quite similar to Dutch. What surpriesed me, is that Botvinnik spoke a little Dutch too.

    Don't you also think h5 was a great move?

  • #5

    Botvinnik spoke German. They gave each other the moves in German, too

    btw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSRnob2v3Cg is part 1 of 2

    The commentator explains the moves in Dutch, sometimes hinting Euwe a little bit as Cystem already noticed (like Hauchard/Geller)

  • #6

    Is it still considered blindfold if they're listening to continuous commentary?  I don't know the language, but I got the impression the comments were running along the lines of

    Whoa, Nellie!!!  That last move was tricky.  Targets the Knight and threatens a discovered attack from the Bishop on g7 !  Let's see if Krinklenadz notices.

  • #7

    Thanx Heinzie. It's all Greek to me :)


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