why is everybody playing lower rated players.

Every single persons profile I look at. Their average opponent rating is lower than theirs. Some by a lot. Some by hundreds.

Because they always want to win i guess

Everybody! Your the only one I’ve seen with a higher one.

I always set higher in my settings, highest possible by chess.com standards actually and have been playing it without changes for many years.

Actually if I could I would set all my opponents to be 200 + more then my rating and play just with this members , but chess.com doesn't let you.

By playing higher rated players you get more experience, more rating points and don't get bored so I like it.


How do you set higher in settings?


No math genius here, but if you are steadily improving, won't the average rating of folks you have played always be a bit lower?  It never gets a chance to catch up.


True True. Good point.

I play whoever the random selector picks for me! Don’t run away from low or high ratings- I’m a hero!lol

If you really think about it, people grow rating over time. Therefore, it theyre a relatively newer player or have not played a certain time controlled game a lot yet, their average opponent rating will be lower since they have played lower rated opponents in the past.


If you want to play higher rated players, you can use chess.com settings and go to live chess, and set your preferred rating range for you opponent to be whatever you want. happy.png


ironic. the people you look at might have this phenomenon, but if you think about it, their opponents might have the reverse!


If someone is improving, obviously the avarage opponent rating will be lower than theirs.


Not me, i set my opponent range to higher than mine


I set mine on the high side of my rating but it won't alter the fact if you're improving.


i do random


well if you think about it very roughly 50 percent of players are playing lowere rated players in any given game.


I do something like +125 and -50 or -75


See mine

Nothing for you to worry about. Is there a reason you don’t like it?

It is also impossible for “everyone to play lower rated players”. Do you see why?